No two Subjects are ever approached in the same way. Every portrait, every image, is its own unique story.

For architectural photography, an image is one that captures the beauty and ambience of the location while discretely minimizing the impact of its shortcomings. So if it is small then the cozy feeling complimented by the creative touches of décor and color will be the goal, and if it is large, then the spacious luxury and inviting endless possibility to make it your own is what will be accomplished.

As for photographing people, the approach is completely different, It is not about looking younger or thinner. but rather an Image is a moment frozen in time that is endlessly portraying something about you. depending what you need it for, that message could be success, compassion, credibility or just depth. On the other hand, if it's for personal use then it can express your passion or speak of your good look.

Understanding the psychology that goes into creating an image is what sets Michael's photography apart from other photographers. That is why for over 25 years he has been the preferred photographer for election campaigns, celebrity portraits, and corporate events.

When created, your image will say nothing about the photographe rwho created it, the background that was used, or the pose that looks good. but rather just portray everything you wanted to accomplish about yourself simply and clearly!

Our list of Clients includes:
◦ The Sheraton
◦ The Doral Country Club
◦ Somerville Corporation
◦ Barry University
◦ F. I. U.

◦ Netspace
◦ Presidential Country Club
◦ Keyes Realty
◦ J. W. Marriott
◦ Miami City ballet
◦ Weichert Best Beach

◦ Johnson & Wales University
◦ The Loews Hotel South Beach
◦ City of North Miami Beach
◦ City of Bay Harbor Island
◦ The Boeing Co.
◦ Caldwell Banker

◦  Morgenstern's
◦ Town of Surfside 
◦ Telefonica B2B
◦ The W hotel
◦ Hewlett Packard

among others ...